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Denise Healy-Mason on Good Vibes for Health and Healing

Denise Healy-Mason

by Erin Lehn Floresca

Denise Healy-Mason, LMT, a shamanic energy worker, certified crystal healer and founder of Balance Massage Studio, in Delmar, always had a compelling desire to heal others. In 1999, she began her career in massage at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, in Albany, and two years later opened her own massage studio. Now gearing up for her 17th annual holiday open house celebration, Healy-Mason fully appreciates the benefits of bodywork for healing the mind and body.

In 2003, Healy-Mason had a chakra balancing session that opened up her eyes to the world of energy healing. She was so enamored of the modality that she began studying energy work with Joy Adler, a former instructor at the Barbara Brennen School of Healing Arts. Since then, Healy-Mason’s interest in working with the human energy field to create better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health has skyrocketed. She has taken a wide variety of energy healing classes, including a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Class with Patricia White Buffalo in 2010, and avidly continues to expand her knowledge in energy and shamanic work.

What is it about energy work that is so compelling to you?

Awareness of our human energy consciousness system is critical for overall health and happiness. We’re constantly being bombarded by technology and the media, which gets us so wrapped up in what’s going on in the world around us. It affects us on an energetic level, whether we realize it or not. We all have stresses like driving to work, dealing with frustrating coworkers, parenting and household chores that pull us in different directions. But we’re going through our days so fast we’re not getting a chance to truly appreciate our lives, appreciate being on this Earth, appreciate the Earth itself. This drains our energy and takes the joy out of our lives. Energy workers and shamans help empower people in gaining balance and clarity in their lives. They help us learn to tune into the subtle energies going on around us and what energies we’re going to let affect us. Most importantly, they clear the energies that don’t serve us.

What are some common missteps that people take without even realizing it?

We spend most of our days making unconscious choices, one after the other, that we don’t even realize are affecting us on an energetic level. What thoughts are we allowing into our minds and how are these thoughts affecting our energy levels? It’s all about choices, but so often we’re running on autopilot and don’t realize that we have the free will to make other choices. We can turn the TV on or off. We can choose to nurture ourselves or we can choose to deplete ourselves. Becoming aware that there are healthier choices you can make—like turning off the news and meditating instead—and making those deliberate changes in your daily habits alters your energy patterns. The only side effects are positive, like increased energy levels, better health and happiness.

What are some practices you suggest to increase good energy levels?

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude makes a radical difference. With everything going on in the world, we sometimes forget to be grateful. If we can slow down for a minute, we’ll see we have so much to be grateful for. Also, get in the habit of awakening your senses. Do things that enliven your sense of touch, sight, smell. At least once a week, stand in the rain or under the clear night sky and just breathe. Close your eyes and delight in the different sounds and scents in your environment. Spend time doing tactile things like touching the bark on a tree or picking up some moss.

So being in nature, even for just a few moments, really affects our energy vibes?

Yes. Being in nature is rejuvenating. It makes us feel more alive, more in flow, more connected. It’s also very grounding and gives us a chance to check in with ourselves. All of this just brings more good energy and awareness into our lives, and we’re able to tap into our authentic selves. When we’re being our best authentic selves, it helps everybody around us. Then, we’re in a better space where we can allow our lights to truly shine.

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