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Sister Brahma Kumari Shivani
Sister Brahma Kumari Shivani

Spiritual Teacher Sister Shivani Shares that Happiness is a Choice

by Christine Lane

Sister Brahma Kumari Shivani, an Indian spiritual teacher and world-renowned teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, is making her first North American tour. Many know Shivani through her popular television program on practical spirituality, Awakening with Brahma Kumaris, which airs in more than 160 countries on five continents.

Over the past two decades, Shivani has devoted her life to helping others reconnect with their inner power. She believes we all have the ability to experience unlimited happiness and create a life of joy, contentment and bliss. Happiness is a choice that is not dependent on anything or anyone else and is available the instant we choose to accept everything, as it is, in every moment.

How do people normally seek happiness?

Through different means, whether it’s through possessions, objects, property, people or achievements. Just keep asking yourself, “Why do I want this?” The answer to everything is happiness.
You say you will feel happy when you have a new car, but is it the new car that is giving you the happiness? “I will feel happy when I have a new car,” means if I don’t, then it’s a question mark. It also means that 10 days down the road, if the car gets a little scratch, then again my happiness is going to get affected. This is because I have conditioned myself into believing that the car is giving me happiness—which is not true. If you’re looking for happiness outside somewhere, then you are dependent on something.

How can you have happiness without dependency?

That is probably one of the oldest belief systems that we have been living with, because we thought happiness is “gotten” from outside. Whether it’s from achievements or from people or from whatever we do. “I’m doing this so that I will feel happy,” was always the equation. “When it’s done, and it’s done in the right way, I will feel happy.” Obviously, the dependency is on having the act performed in the right manner.

How does one change this?

By understanding that it’s my internal creation. And that I can create it, irrespective. See, I bought the car. Then I say, “I am happy.” The car is physical, so it does not have feelings or emotions. Obviously, the car is not giving me happiness. What is giving me happiness is the thought I created.

Does this mean our thoughts create our reality?

All the time. We could create thoughts of pleasure or thoughts of jealousy with the same car (object). Or, I could create thoughts of hurt. Anything. If the car is creating the thought, then it will create the same thought in everyone. The response is the choice of the creator, and I am the creator. The good news is that I have a choice in what I create. The first thing spirituality gives you is freedom. You are liberated from all the dependencies that you thought you were dependent upon, which is not true. Remember these things.

Happiness is not dependent on physical objects.

Objects, possessions and gadgets are designed to give us comfort.

Physical comfort is different from emotional comfort.

Happiness can be created irrespective of external comforts.

Happiness is a choice that I can create!

As part of Shivani’s 14-city North American tour, Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center will host Awakening: A Celebration of Spirit with Sister Shivani from 1 to 5 p.m., July 9, 2017. The event will feature live music, spiritual exhibits, interactive workshops and meditation spaces. Shivani will share on “Awakening Our Golden Future.” Attendees will also get a chance to meet the teachers of Peace Village while having a mini-retreat experience.

Location: 54 O’Hara Rd., Haines Falls, NY. Register for a free ticket at bkAwakening2017.org.