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Healing Pain the Natural Way

Feature Article

by Angela Pascopella

Pain is a chronic problem for many people, but when it gets too overwhelming, naturopathic doctors and therapists from Sarasota Springs to Albany are eager to offer ages-old techniques from Asia, as well as more recent scientific breakthrough therapies the natural way.

October 1, 2016

Optimizing Digestion with Fermented Foods

Feature Article

by Raya Ioffe

We commonly hear the expression, “You are what you eat,” but perhaps even more important to consider is, “What your body can do with what you eat.” This refers to how well the digestive organs are functioning.

October 1, 2016

Walking Meditation

Feature Article

by Gina McGalliard

The Calming and Centering Effects of Labyrinths

While many of us like to meditate, some can’t sit still. Walking a labyrinth provides an enticing alternative.

An archetypal labyrinth gently leads one in a circular path inward toward a center and then back out again. Found in ancient cultures from African, Celtic and Greek to Native American, they became especially popular fixtures in Medieval European churches; one of the most renowned is in France’s Chartres Cathedral.

October 1, 2016

Defensive Eating and Dining Out with Food Allergies

Feature Article

by Sarah Stout

With the increase in food allergies in recent years, there is growing awareness of those that require special dietary accommodations. Eating in restaurants can be a nightmare for sufferers of food allergies, but with preparation, we can feel comfortable and safe when dining out. One recommendation is to plan ahead of time by contacting the restaurant in advance to speak with management or the head chef or finding their menu online to review choices before arriving. Being prepared makes it easier to ask how the meals are prepared (i.e., in a separate area, with special cooking utensils, in a designated kitchen, etc.). Many restaurants today are aware of the increasing number of individuals with allergies and sensitivities and want to please their guests. In most circumstances, having a pleasant and incident-free dining experience will lead to repeat visits and referrals to others with food allergies. Public awareness efforts have led to victories such as celiac disease being recognized by the Americans with Disability Act, which requires restaurants to make a reasonable accommodation to those requesting modification.

October 1, 2016
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